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Yupheng Belt, quality is the most important, the guarantee period for Sidewall Conveyor Belt has extended to 18Months.

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-9

  Qingdao Zhongye Yufeng Tape Co., Ltd. In recent days, extend the guarantee period of Sidewall Conveyor Belt to 18 Months.

  One-year warranty period (12 months) is now the standard in domestic conveyor belt industry,  If extending the warranty period, it is a huge test of product quality. As one of the largest manufacturers of large angle Sidewall Conveyor Belt, Qingdao Zhongye Yufeng Tape Co., Ltd. takes the lead in extending the warranty period to 18 Months in the industry, and comparing with other manufacturers in  the warranty period of only one year or even less than one year This is a revolutionary breakthrough and innovation, which not only demonstrates our self-confidence and strong after-sales service in product quality , but also the reflects Yupheng Belts’technical advantage, quality, brand and social responsibility.


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