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Production of heat-resistant conveyor belt used in several raw rubber

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-9

  Production of heat-resistant conveyor belt used in rubber there are three: styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene.

  (1) styrene-butadiene rubber

  Styrene-butadiene rubber is the most commonly used as a heat-resistant material, it is with the use of ethylene-propylene rubber and neoprene compared to the current price of 12,000 yuan per ton of styrene butadiene rubber, rubber and neoprene than EP much lower. So the production enterprises generally use its production T1 or T2-type conveyor belt. SBR process performance, such as mixing process, calendering technology, curing process is better, the appearance of quality compared to ethylene propylene rubber and neoprene is much better performance in the rolling of the film when the size is relatively stable, the molding process with The core is better adhesive, vulcanized when the appearance of defects than ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene less.

  (2) ethylene propylene rubber

  The use of ethylene-propylene rubber as a heat-resistant plastic covering the heat-resistant, better heat resistance, heat-resistant conveyor belt is an ideal material, under normal circumstances, EPDM can be 150 ℃ environment long-term use, but EPDM rubber process can be poor coverage of adhesive poor adhesion, not easy to take the core bonding, high production enterprises often spend a lot of effort to develop and cover both adhesive bonding and core bonding with the transition Floor. When the film is rolled out, the surface is rough and not smooth, and the co-workers can easily put the air into the interlayer. If you do not pay attention to the operation after the process and adopt some technological measures, Tape prone to scars, edge of the groove, blister and other appearance defects. The rubber type suitable for T3 type conveyor belt.

  (3) Neoprene

  Neoprene heat resistance than SBR and ethylene propylene rubber, but has good acid and alkali resistance, fertilizer production, especially phosphate fertilizer industry, the production process of superphosphate, requiring conveyor belt acid and heat , Which heat requirements are not high, only about 100 ℃, while the acid and alkali performance requirements are particularly high. In this working condition, the choice of neoprene as T1 heat-resistant conveyor belt of raw materials. Neoprene rubber and SBR, ethylene-propylene rubber is different, because the thermal viscosity is relatively large, try to stick out the film when the film, when rolling out a large contraction, vulcanization and hot plate adhesion caused by gas, easy Resulting in scars, blisters and cracks. Repair is not easy to stick, the quality of the appearance of special measures should be taken to ensure that the tape surface is smooth, less defects.

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