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Conveyor Belts are Indispensable in all walks of life

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-9

  Belts can be said to be essential for large-scale production, in addition to a variety of solid bulk and powdery material can be transported or into pieces of goods, easy to use, simple operation. Conveyor belt is divided into different types of ordinary conveyor belt

  Ordinary conveyor belt; tensile strength of not less than 15Mpa, elongation of not less than 350%, ordinary large angle wave conveyor belt, increasing the transport angle (30 to 90 degrees); delivery volume, lifting height ; Low energy consumption, simple structure, high-strength tape, long service life.

  In accordance with the use of the industry can be divided into: the tire industry-specific conveyor belt, the logistics industry-specific conveyor belt, the automotive industry-specific conveyor belt, battery-specific conveyor belt, glass factory-specific conveyor belt, injection molding industry-specific conveyor belt

  By use can be divided into: anti-oil conveyor belt, anti-skid conveyor belt, climbing conveyor belt, anti-acid conveyor belt

  According to the material can be divided into: PU conveyor belt, polyethylene conveyor belt, polypropylene conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, stainless steel conveyor belt and so on.

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