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How to repair damaged conveyor belt

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-9

  1. The Abrasion of the conveyor belt in process of operation

  Conveyor belt replacement is the main reason for wear and tear, wear and tear are generally divided into the following three forms:

  1) Conveyor belt vulcanization joint wear is usually due to the conveyor belt material itself than the vulcanized joints at the high wear resistance or thermal curing quality problems, resulting in vulcanized joint adhesive local wear, exposed steel core or nylon core, The strength of the vulcanized joint between conveyor belts poses a serious threat.

  2) conveyor belt wear in the skirt part

  Due to the conveyor belt guide device skirt board improper adjustment or guide skirt board design will lead to skirt in the running wear belt, causing the conveyor belt on both sides of the rubber layer wear serious, the whole tape longitudinal running direction exposed steel rope Core or nylon core, once the steel rope core tilt, easily wrapped around the roller, resulting in steel wire or tape tear off the wire.

  3) the middle of the conveyor belt wear caused by the impact of blanking, because the hopper of the blanking point is relatively fixed, so the conveyor belt to withstand the impact of parts of the wear and tear increased, causing the conveyor belt along the running direction of local wear serious, can also lead to exposed Wire rope core or conveyor belt tear. For the nylon tape is caused by the middle part of the strength decreased, due to the existence of bearing roller 3. / RTI & gt; Of the anteversion angle, so in the role of bearing roller trend force, the tape will appear in the operation of "stacked with" dangerous phenomenon.

  2, conveyor belt wear treatment

  The above-mentioned wear patterns pose a serious threat to the normal operation of the conveyor, but only because of the local strength of the conveyor belt to reduce the local wear or to replace it, then the operating cost will be greatly increased, so in practice, The following measures are performed locally.

  1) Local thermal vulcanization technology uses the vulcanizer to carry on the heat vulcanization, regarding the fitting partial wears the part, uses the heat vulcanization technology to restore the conveyer belt the performance, the effect is good. The disadvantage is the large investment of manpower and material resources, time is longer, suitable for less than the surface area of the curing plate local treatment for large area wear treatment is very difficult.

  2) local cold curing technology on the wear part of the grinding process, the proportion of cold vulcanized rubber to reconcile evenly coated tape to the wear surface, can restore the conveyor belt performance. But the curing time is longer, curing at room temperature about 10 —— 24h, surface treatment is not smooth, cleaning device input, the cleaning effect is not good.

  3) local cold bonding technology

  The general use of the German company Tuopu repair (vertical gap). Advantages are less manpower and material resources, with good wear resistance and reinforcement performance, recovery time is short; shortcomings of the high environmental requirements, can not be restored to the original conveyor belt surface roughness requirements, cleaning effect is not good. But for the high utilization of equipment, cold sticky technology to promote the use of effective technology to alleviate the limitations of the equipment brought about by the pressure.

  4) spray repair technology

  Using special equipment spray polyurea elastomer (PUZPUA) technology, is a new solvent-free, pollution-free green construction technology. The technology will be two kinds of liquid materials mixed with special equipment, high pressure sprayed to the wear surface of the conveyor belt, according to the thickness of the formation of wear-resistant layer, suitable for even the film into the local wear situation, to achieve good results. The advantages are:

  ① fast curing, 5s gel, do not produce sag phenomenon, 1min to achieve walking strength;

  ② construction of the thickness of the range from hundreds of m to several em;

  ③ excellent physical and chemical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion;

  (4) The formula system can be adjusted arbitrarily, feel from the soft rubber (Shao A30) to the hard elastomer (Shao D65);

  ⑤ convenient construction, high efficiency. The disadvantage is the need for special equipment, using external repair methods, coordination difficulties.

  3, the cost and effectiveness of the use of a variety of treatment methods compared to the cost per unit area and the use of contrast.

  Purely from the cost analysis, four kinds of local wear and tear of the treatment, spraying treatment has a relatively good performance, should be the best choice. Although the use of the initial cleaning device input is not good, but with the passage of time, the spray surface due to run-in and gradually flat, cleaning effect will be further improved. As the belt wear is only part of the longitudinal wear, the core of the rope or nylon intact, so the intensity did not significantly decreased, local plastic is fully restored its performance.

  Spraying width of 0.5m, thickness of 3mm calculation, the cost of conveyor belt recovery is only to replace the new belt 1 / 3.3 —— 1 / 4.4, the price has a great advantage. The use of the replacement of the new belt with the use of life after spraying statistical comparison, after spraying the average life of more than the original life of 1/2. Combining with the cost comparison, it is concluded that the spraying technology has a high cost performance.

  4, the above comparison can be seen, the local wear of the spray coating technology has a high promotion and application value.

  Conveyor belt wear is not an overall uniform damage, in many cases the local longitudinal wear of the upper layer in the tape section, and the other sections are normal and the overall skeleton of the conveyor belt is better, for such conveyors Local spray recovery, reduce the cost advantage. And the new tape the higher the cost of inputs (such as the bandwidth of the conveyor belt, the general cost of spraying the new conveyor belt costs only 1/4, life has reached the new conveyor belt 1/2), the higher cost. Therefore, the spray can not only reduce the cost of a one-time investment in the conveyor belt, and can save huge amounts of money due to time loss of interest. In addition, the conveyor belt can not be infinitely sprayed, with the extension of service life, there are internal wire broken wire and other hidden dangers, still need to change the conveyor belt according to specific circumstances.

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