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Production and demand gap to continue to enlarge the natural rubber market support strong

Number of visits: Date:2017-3-20

At present the world's total acreage of about 12.8 million hectares, of which about 12 million hectares of Southeast Asia. Mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka. Global production of natural rubber in Thailand and Indonesia, two countries, the planting cycle is relatively stable, little change in production supply. In addition to China's two agricultural reclamation 50% of the state, the other countries 80-90% for small garden owners private. Indonesia's rubber quality is better, mainly exported to the EU large tire factory. Nearly 10 years of acreage in Southeast Asia, the average natural growth rate of 3.1%, of which Thailand 4.3%; Malay - 2.1%; Indonesia 0.6%; Vietnam 7.6%. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and other emerging countries is the main source of future supply of natural rubber. Rubber tree economic life of 35 to 40 years, usually in the 6-9 years after planting can be mature cut, resulting in natural rubber supply growth rate of stability.

2017, including China, including the economic situation, although there is a clear pick up, but still face some challenges, natural rubber demand does not have a substantial growth conditions, is expected to demand for natural rubber will remain stable growth rate of 3.5%. On the supply side, the rubber trees planted in 2012 will continue to enter the opening period. If the price does not fall below the cost and the extreme weather conditions, the supply of natural rubber will maintain the growth rate of more than 3%, less than 3.5% Speed, the third consecutive year to maintain the pattern of supply in short supply, supply and demand situation has improved significantly into a foregone conclusion, the bottom of the cost of strong support for seasonal supply and demand changes in the impact of the trend will increase.

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