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Conveyor belt safety operation General precautions

Number of visits: Date:2017-3-23

1, should be based on the needs of the belt conveyor site, every 30 ~ 100m set up a pedestrian bridge; should be anti-slip measures, more than 12 째 should be set; underground corridors and open-air trestle should also have anti-
2, belt conveyor corridor, should be equipped with fire facilities;
3, belt conveyor repair is completed, the application of bells, telephone or alarm and contact with the operating room, confirmed by the two sides on the tape no one can start;
4, belt conveyor operation, should not be carried out cleaning and maintenance operations, nor should pass from the tape below or ride, across the tape;
5, belt conveyor roller center axis from the bottom of the height, should not be less than 0.5m;
6, should be anti-skid, anti-deviation and anti-longitudinal tear measures and can stop at any time accident switch and accident alarm; head should be set to meet the material block can automatically stop the device; first round, Tightening device should be protective device;

In the course of the operation of the operator should pay attention to the following aspects:
First, the need to avoid the need to transport the material covered, so as not to cause the rotation is not working, but also to prevent the missing material stuck in the gap between the drum and tape, but also need to pay attention to the area with the activities of the belt often add lubricants , Plus lubricants have to avoid the oil on the tape.
Second, it is also necessary to prevent the load from being overloaded at start-up, causing too much pressure on the machine.
Third, may be used in the course of the phenomenon will often occur deviation, the operator should promptly take some measures to correct this phenomenon.
Fourth, the operator if the use of the process found in the local damage phenomenon, the operator to use artificial cotton and other materials in a timely manner to repair, in order to avoid further damage to the local trend of expansion.
Fifth, to avoid the block of some material to prevent the occurrence of a collision caused by the phenomenon of belt cracks. In our production process, the rubber conveyor belt is the most commonly used one.

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