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Rubber conveyor belt classification of rubber

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Our commonly used rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Natural rubber is mainly derived from the three-leaf rubber tree, when the skin of the rubber tree is cut, it will flow out of milky white juice, called latex, latex by the cohesion, washing, forming, drying that is natural rubber.

Synthetic rubber is made by artificial synthesis method, using different raw materials (monomer) can be synthesized into different types of rubber.

General rubber

Refers to some or all of the rubber used in place of natural rubber, such as styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, mainly used in the manufacture of tires and general industrial rubber products. General rubber demand, is the main varieties of synthetic rubber.


NR --- natural rubber --- excellent processing and physical properties, the price changes, but the lack of oil resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance. General widely used in tires, footwear, rubber tube, rubber belt ..... and so on. Rubber roller is suitable for non-heat resistance, oil resistance and hope that the low price of the occasion.

SBR --- synthetic rubber --- similar to the nature of NR, use the same, since the Republic of China since the beginning of 66 production of such synthetic rubber. Common with a ketone, esters and other polar solvent characteristics.

Butadiene rubber

Is prepared by solution polymerization of butadiene, butadiene rubber has a particularly excellent cold resistance, wear resistance and flexibility, but also has good resistance to aging properties. The majority of butadiene rubber used in the production of tires, a small part for the manufacture of cold products, cushioning materials and tape, rubber shoes. The shortcomings of the butadiene rubber is the resistance to tear resistance, anti-slippery performance is not good.


Ethylene-propylene rubber

Ethylene-propylene rubber to ethylene and propylene as the main raw material synthesis, anti-aging, electrical insulation properties and resistance to ozone performance. Ethylene-propylene rubber can be a lot of oil and fill carbon black, low prices, ethylene propylene rubber chemical stability, wear resistance, elasticity, oil resistance and styrene-butadiene rubber close.

Ethylene-propylene rubber is widely used, can be used as tire sidewall, strips and tubes and car parts, but also for the wire, cable foreskin and high pressure, ultra-high voltage insulation materials. Can also manufacture shoes, health supplies and other light-colored products.

NBR --- synthetic rubber --- for an oil-resistant synthetic rubber, commonly known as HYCAR, and CR widely used in printing roller. Heat resistance, excellent wear resistance, paper industry, dyeing industry, textile industry with rubber roller is also widely used. Good oil resistance or not depending on the amount of its acrylic content. The drawback is that JIS-A25 degrees is difficult to manufacture. And non-ketones, esters and other solvents.

Styrene butadiene rubber

Styrene-butadiene rubber is made from butadiene and styrene copolymerization, is the largest production of general synthetic rubber, with milk polystyrene rubber, soluble styrene-butadiene rubber and thermoplastic rubber (SBS).

CR --- Synthetic rubber --- mechanical strength, wear resistance and flexibility is very good, and with a suitable resistance to oil, chemical resistance, heat resistance and ozone resistance. From the high hardness of iron roller to ultra-low hardness printing roller, widely used in general industrial rubber roller and a variety of rubber products. IIR --- synthetic rubber --- resistance to polar solvents and heat resistance, chemical resistance, but the lack of oil resistance and flexibility, processing is very poor, difficult curing, usually used for automotive inner tube. Rubber roller is used in the resistance of the solvent printing roller and general industrial heat-resistant rubber wheel.

Different ingredients of the rubber has a different range of use, the right choice to play the greatest use of the effect. If you do not understand the specific use. You can call the consultation. + 86-0532-86106197

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