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The Detection Method of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Number of visits: Date:2017-4-1

1.Simple joint deformation detection method
Simple joint deformation detection method that is the traditional manual inspection method is the field maintenance personnel with the eyes directly observe the belt shape, to determine whether the extension of the belt joints, and then assisted the use of portable x-ray method, the damage to the belt to detect, mainly The following two methods.
(1) "bubble" phenomenon observation method L4J. "Foaming" phenomenon is a common fault of the joint damage characteristics, the reason is the blistering part of the steel core caused by twitching. This is a often used in China's coal mine site of the simple detection method, that is, after the removal of the tape area of ​​the joint area to see whether the "bubble" phenomenon, once found to have a bubble phenomenon, it should be noted that when the bubble When the area develops to full bandwidth l / 3, it is updated immediately.
(2) joint length measurement method. In just doing a good position on both sides of the vulcanization joints, equidistantly scribe three groups of signs, and measure the length of each group of signs. After the tape is put into use, the length of each mark line is measured periodically. When it is found that the extension amount of any one of the three is more than a certain threshold value, the vulcanized joint is analyzed by an X-ray detector to determine the joint The extent of damage and the ability to continue to use.

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