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Conveyor belt damaged cold stick repair process

Number of visits: Date:2017-4-3

Rubber conveyor belt after the injury have different repair methods, different repair methods since 2002, maintenance personnel on the heat curing, mechanical card method, cold sticky and other different ways to repair J, test, the repair of several Maintenance effect of the factory comparison, through the repair time, repair quality comparison is not difficult to find, cold adhesive method needs vulcanization equipment is simple, the need for downtime less, in the feed, unloading task tension, cold sticky method shows its superior Sex, then, we learn about cold stick repair.
  Cold stick repair and hot vulcanization process has similarities, the specific repair process:
(1) conveyor belt positioning. Use a clamp to hold the conveyor belt to an equilibrium state.
(2) to be repair site processing. According to the repair part of the shape and damage to the degree of dressing, grinding, try to make the edge of the repair area to form a smooth transition slope, should not have Alice head appears. The purpose of grinding the parts to be repaired is to remove impurities and residual glue, improve the bonding effect, the general use of grinding machine abrasive cloth wheel grinding, pay attention to grinding time, to avoid high temperature carbonized rubber surface and damage to the core cloth layer. If the scratches deep, hurt the canvas, will try to be damaged canvas layer to clear the cut, we must ensure that no impurities to be repaired.
(3) clean up the grinding parts. Grinding will produce a lot of rubber dust, in order not to affect the adhesive force, repair parts with a hot fan and brush brush edge blowing to ensure that the surface clean without dust, grease, cleaning agents and other substances. Do not use chemical cleaning agent cleaning, because the cleaning agent will penetrate into the canvas layer, a short time can not be completely volatile, likely to cause repair layer drum package defects, with particular attention not to wash with water.
(4) cut the repair tape. According to the clean-up situation decided to use line or without line repair tape, if the repair site sandwich layer damage, in principle, the use of cable repair patch. According to the repair area for cutting, and the edge of the strip grinding to meet the edge of the repair site.
(5) drying polished parts. Adhesive water, moisture and cleaning of the remaining flux will affect the repair effect. With iodine tungsten lamp or hot air dryer repair surface to ensure that completely dry, bake after a period of time to observe whether the tide, if the color changes continue to bake, pay attention to the use of iodine tungsten lamp and polished parts to maintain a certain distance The
(6) with plastic. According to the size of the repair surface to determine the amount of glue, and in accordance with the instructions given the ratio (workers RS2002 cold adhesive ratio of 1000: 40), accurately weighed the cold glue group to deploy. Adhesive with the use, with a good time to be used once (3-5min), should not left plastic.
(7) glue and protection. Apply glue to the patch and film, at least twice, and dry thoroughly. (8) adhesive and curing. Paste the film and fully roll the solid, the surrounding existence of the excess plastic knife with a knife gently sliced flat.

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