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How to use the conveyor belt will make the conveyor belt longer life

Number of visits: Date:2017-4-5

1. Conveyor belt local damage repair technology to extend the service life. (1) local heat vulcanization; that is, we often say that the conveyor belt heat fluidization need to be equipped with curing machine. (3) local cold sticky, the use of Germany Dipu Te company repair (longitudinal crack), cold (2) local cold pouring, the product of Germany Dipu Te technology liquid polymer composite repair materials, but need room temperature curing about 10h; Viscose - T2 compound glue vertical filling crack block (need special glue gun). The advantages of these two methods are less manpower and material resources, with good wear resistance and reinforcement performance, the recovery time is short, the disadvantage is the high requirements of the environment, can not be restored to the original conveyor belt surface requirements; (4 ) Conveyor belt spray repair technology. The technology is to mix several liquid materials by special equipment, high pressure sprayed to the belt wear surface, according to the need to spray a certain thickness of the wear layer. Curing time is short, suitable for continuous film into the film wear, the effect is very good, the disadvantage is the need for special equipment.
2, improve the conveyor belt hopper. Improve the conveyor belt hopper, is to prevent the early damage to the conveyor belt one of the effective measures. Improve the conveyor belt at the transfer of the hopper, so that the ability to penetrate foreign matter by 2.5 times, long and large foreign matter in the transport process is not easy to stuck in the funnel wall and conveyor belt between the reduction of foreign body torn conveyor belt Probability.

3, the hopper at the end of the guide skirt, so that the gap with the conveyor belt along the conveyor belt running more and more to solve the coal, stone stuck in the conveyor belt and skirt between the problem, to eliminate the resulting Conveyor belt damage. Large drop of the hopper, the internal installation of buffer baffle, to avoid direct impact of the material conveyor belt.

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