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Causes of Damage in Large Angle Conveyor Belt

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-11

Conveyor belt can be used in a certain period of time, long-term use or improper use of the conveyor belt will cause damage. The causes our company summed up the large angle conveyor belt damaged are as the following for your reference.
1. Cleats length insufficient, should be adjusted to extend the length of the cleats, until the material on conveyor belt is stable.
2. Sidewall opening inappropriate. Sidewall opening should be the width of the conveyor belt 2 / 3-3 / 4, block material should be narrower. Sidewall is better in the shape of fan(open along the running direction), and can adjust the opening size.
3. Cleat Pitch is not appropriate. First, cleat running direction of the side touch the conveyor belt , then slowly increase the interval to the appropriate location, in order to reduce cleat abrasion on the conveyor belt.
4. Feeding direction is not appropriate, that is, the direction of the material falling and the conveyor belt running is in different directions, resulting in lateral force, so that conveyor belt deviation or increased wear, should adjust the direction of material falling..
5. The material of the cleats is not suitable. Cleats material is hard or canvas exposed by the use of the old conveyor belt, so that direct contact with the conveyor belt, should use the appropriate rubber cleats..
6. Caused by material falling angle and improper gap. Should reduce the angle, so that the material falls on the conveyor belt does not bounce. Large gap and the conveyor belt by a great impact, measures should be taken to reduce the feeding speed
7. The blanking speed of the material is not due to the material blanking speed and the conveyor belt speed adjustment is not good, the material falls on the conveyor belt instantly slippery, which wear cover plastic, to adjust the blanking speed , So that the speed with the conveyor belt.
8, the next roller sticky material, do not turn or did not adjust the good, the cover plastic abnormal wear, should take the following methods: Install the cleaner, cleaning conveyor belt, return roller installed rubber sleeve, repair or replace the return roller .

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